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Who we are?

PloutosTech is a leading education consultant that undertakes students recruitments. We have sent students to different renowned education institutions across the globe to accomplish their studies in different countries to dream and secure their future by acquiring international degrees. We offer free education counselling and other additional support required to get tertiary education.

Our education consultants are well experienced and trained by trusted university partners are here to help guide you through each step of the application process to various university.

Your one-stop-shop to study abroad consultants for Canada, USA, UK, Australia, NZ & Student Visa Process. We don't simply advise, we ensure we pursue your fantasies. We have figured out how to accomplish and make a solid understudy system worldwide inside only couple of long stretches of sheer hard work and commitment.

We strongly accept that you get just one opportunity to establish that first impression and we move in the direction of your student visa applications with this manner of thinking. We endeavor to convey quality and trustworthiness and for us, achievement is estimated by the quantity of positive reactions we get, and not by the primary concern.

What we do?

Career Counselling

    When it comes to taking ownership for developing your career, learning from others is vitally important. That’s why mentoring and career conversations have such an important role to play.Which course will result in better career? Which university is recognized and has high placement records? We give emphasis to your priorities and guide you keeping your ambitions in mind. We are just a call away!.

Student Profile Analysis

    Before we actually suggest you a university and a course, our highly trained counselors your qualifications and ambitions and match them with the best possible options available. We empathize that this decision shall shape your career and thus don’t ignore any facet at all.

Course/University Selection & Admission Assistance

    With our one-to-one personalized counseling at a time convenient to you, you shall be able to determine which course and country is best suited as per your personal & financial strength & which universities you can do best at. We make error-free applications, timely correspondences & best possible results on visa applications for our valued students. We ensure that your journey from counseling to landing in the destination of your choice is as comfortable as possible. We also help you in preparing a suitable Statement of Purpose that shall is a very crucial part of your admission procedure!

Pre-Departure Briefing

    We organise pre-departure seminars for all of you and even your parents to dispel any doubts or fears before they actually fly to your preferred destination. We shall ensure that you know exactly what to do, where to go and whom to contact once you have landed. We understand that many of you will be traveling abroad for the first time and therefore we will leave no stone unturned to ensure that you reach your college/university without any difficulty. We also advise you about what and what not to carry.

Post-Arrival Assistance

    Our relationship does not end once you fly away. It just starts all over again. Our counselors shall remain available round-the-clock to ensure that you face no difficulty at all during your entire stay. Our counselors, many of whom have studied abroad themselves, will help you choose the best option out of our tried & tested resources with regards to airport pick-ups, accommodation, insurance, foreign exchange, medical provisions, part-time jobs etc. Our doors are always open for your parents, in case you face any difficulty in your university.

Visa Guidance

    We will not take any chance at all with your visa. All students receive visa file preparation & mock training for visa interviews from our experienced visa counselors. Ploutostech is a one-stop shop for all your requirements. We have perhaps the best visa success rate in the country at present and our constant Endeavour is to have a 100% success rate.